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APCO Model 3500

Benefits: Versatile, reliable and competitively priced

  • Crisp On-Off - No Pump Slowdown at End of Cycle
  • Standard 3-Way Design - Dumps Air Line Pressure Between Control & Pump on Shutdown
  • One Model Does It all - Field Changeable from 5" to 10" Differential


  • Controls Filtered, Regulated, Lubricated, Compressed Air @ 40-125 PSIG
  • Temperature Range 35° - 180° F
  • Valve size 1/4" NPT
  • Valve Type Air Pilot Operated 3-Way
  • Maximum Flow 35 SCFM @ 125 PSIG

On-Off Differential:
Wide Differential Model - 10" WC
Close Differential Model - 5" WC

On Point Adjustment Range:
CD Model 9" to 14"
WD Model 14" to 19"


Air pressure created by liquid rising in the sensing tube is transmitted to a diaphragm in the valve head via nylon tubing. The diaphragm activates an air pilot valve which opens or closes the main valve.

Ordering Information

  • Select sensing tube, PVC, steel or 316 SS
  • Select diaphragm material - Buna N Std., Teflon optional
  • Select normally open or normally closed
  • Select CD or WD model
  • If air whistle wanted, add W

View Control Valve Diagram