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Drain Valves:

E Drain 532 Series

Water and oil condensate exists wherever compressed air is used. Depending upon compressor capacities, working and installation conditions, the volume of condensate which exists in a compressor system can range between 3 and 2640 gallons per month. For example, an installation which delivers 180 scfm of compressed air at 100 psi and is working 8 hours a day under atmospheric conditions 70F, 15 psi, and 70% rh generates 8 gallons of condensate per day.

Legislation requires that oil condensate be separated from water condensate and be disposed of properly. After the oil is separated, the water condensate can then be sent to the sewer system. Legal requirements vary from place to place as to the minimum acceptable oil content.

E Drain 532 Series

Drain valves are used in a compressor system to remove the condensate from the compressor drain. Generally speaking, they will allow the condensate to be sent to a separation device, or sone other type of container. As you have seen in our condensate separator area, it is against the law to allow condensate into the standard drain found in most factories.

Different types of drains are available, from a simple timer drain to the more complex zero purge loss type.


    • Solid state timer for accurate control of cycle times
    • Rugged solenoid valves ensure reliable performance
    • Compact modular design for ease of installation
    • Easy to use
    • Combination isolation valve/strainer