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Condensate Control:

Hankison HS Series
ConDePhase Separator

Water and oil condensate exists wherever compressed air is used. Depending upon compressor capacities, working and installation conditions, the volume of condensate which exists in a compressor system can range between 3 and 2640 gallons per month. For example, an installation which delivers 180 scfm of compressed air at 100 psi and is working 8 hours a day under atmospheric conditions 70F, 15 psi, and 70% rh generates 8 gallons of condensate per day.

Legislation requires that oil condensate be separated from water condensate and be disposed of properly. After the oil is separated, the water condensate can then be sent to the sewer system. Legal requirements vary from place to place as to the minimum acceptable oil content.

Hankison HS Series

"Gravity Separation" condensate separators are ideal for applications that use a single lubricant and rapidly separate in <5 minutes into 2 distinct layers. Excellent candidates tend to be proprietary PAO (polyalphaolefin based lubricants marketed by compressor manufacturers).

HGS series separators use a large tank of water that allows separable lubricant to float to the surface. Incoming condensate displaces cleaner water from the bottom to flow through a bed of activated carbon to remove trace lubricant to 15 ppm.

For more detailed information regarding Hankison HGS and HPE Series Oil Water Separator, download this PDF file.

ConDePhase Separator

Collection and disposal of oily condensate by licensed contractors is inconvenient and expensive. ConDePhase provides a simple, automatic and economical solution to the problem.


  • Easy installation with no moving parts
  • External Activated Carbon Filter polishing unit provides additional effluent protection
  • External Carbon Filter is easily charged without entering unit
  • Tough, impact-resistant, high density polyethylene and polypropylene construction