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Hankison International is dedicated to supplying the best value in compressed air treatment products. Hankison products range from point-of-use filters and condensate drains to high capacity refrigerated and desiccant dryers. Whether for a large manufacturing plant, a hospital or a small business such as an auto repair shop, Hankison products ensure a constant supply of cool, clean, dry compressed air.

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

Hankison refrigerated compressed air dryers come in a variety of configurations that include: standard standalone units up to 500 scfm; air treatment stations with integrated dryer, filter, and drain system; energy-saving designs; high volume systems to 2000 scfm; and high temperature and high pressure systems.

Desiccant Dryers

Hankison desiccant air dryers come in a variety of configurations and capabilities to ensure consistent outlet dew points with long desiccant life. Models available include: heatless regenerative dryers; heated purge designs; blower purge regenerative dryers; and single tower dryers.

Membrane Dryers

HMM Series Modular Membrane Compressed Air Dryers The HMM Series Modular Membrane dryers offer clean, stream lined installations and reliable operation while providing dew points from -40°F to +40°F, -40°C to +5°C.

  • Water vapor passes through permeable membrane walls, lowering the dew point.
  • Light weight units can be installed in piping without additional support.
  • Works without moving parts, consumables or external power source.
  • Constructed of non-rusting parts that are suitable for indoor, outdoor and severe environments.

Coalescing Filter Products

Hankison offers a choice of compressed air filters, centrifugal and impaction type water separators, mist eliminators to remove oil and water aerosols from a compressed air system, and high temperature desiccant dryer after-filters for solid particle removal.