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ROOTS Factory Blower Package


ROOTS Factory Blower Package (0)

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  • Overall size is smaller than the EasyAir 8000 package and the side-to-side size accommodates more packages in a given area
  • The inlet filter is accessible through key lock panels for easy removal and ample access to equipment
  • Inlet room air routes from the front of the package and exhaust air routes to the rear of the package near the discharge connection
  • No electric fan hookup required as the fan is mounted on the blower shaft and driven mechanically resulting in longer life
  • Patented automatic belt tension system optimizes performance and extends belt life
  • Panel-mounted gauges (inlet filter differential, blower exhaust temperature and pressure) and external oil level view for easy monitoring
  • Up to 22dBA free field noise attenuation with enclosure
  • Integrated forklift access at front of package; Standard pipe size for available connections

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Operating Principle

Incoming air is trapped by the pair of tri-lobe impellers. Simultaneously, pressurized air is being discharged (right). As the lower impeller passes the wrap-around flange, WHISPAIR™ jets equalize pressure between trapped air and the discharge area, aiding impeller movement and reducing power requirements. Impellers move air into the discharge area (right). Backflow is controlled, resulting in reduction of noise relative to conventional blowers.