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Gardner Denver multistage centrifugal's are the prove standard for water and wastewater treatment applications requiring continuous, low-noise operation with minimal maintenance requirements. Primarily used for aerobic digestion, multistage centrifugal's can be throttled via an inlet butterfly valve making them an excellent choice for controlling dissolved oxygen (DO) in the wastewater. Gardner Denver exhausters can also be used in sludge digestion to exhaust the digester gases from the gas holder in channel aeration and in filter backwash applications for water treatment. Gardner Denver offers a wide range of blowers/exhausters, each having its own unique performance characteristics and design features to match your application requirements. Gardner Denver blowers/exhausters are available in complete engineered solutions packages featuring electric, turbine or VFD drives.

Download the Lamson and Hoffman Multistage Centrifugal Blowers/Exhausters brochure

*Detroit Air Compressor is Gardner Denver's Representative for Waste Water Treatment for the State of Michigan.

Hoffman Revolution

The Hoffman® Revolution, a new line of high speed centrifugal blowers using break-through technologies, is designed as the world’s most advanced energy management blower system. The first in this family of blowers, the R-200 and R-300 are capable of flows from 2,500–8,500 CFM and pressures from 3–15 PSIG.

The Revolution takes performance and power savings to new heights of effciency, reliability and control. Designed, built and tested in the United States, this breakthrough high speed centrifugal blower incorporates an infinite life cycle magnetic bearing driven by a permanent synchronous magnetic motor (PMSM) with a variable frequency drive (VFD).

Multistage - Cast Series

  • Designed for Excellence
  • 22 Models to Suit Any Application
  • Over 100,000 Machines in Operation
  • Durable, Reliable and Efficient
  • Applications include: water and wastewater treatment

Performance Overview

  • Airflow Range: 90 to 41,000 cfm (150 to 70,000 m³/h)
  • Pressure to 22 psig (1.52 bar)
  • Vacuum to 17.6"Hg (596 mbar)
  • Multiple Baffle Rings on Some Models Increase Efficiency
  • Balance Piston Increases Bearing Life
  • Special Application Seal Options Available