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A Complete Solution

The AIRnet compressed air piping system is a complete solution from source to production thanks to its high quality aluminium pipes, its range of aluminum and polymer fittings from Ø20 - 80 mm (¾” - 3”) and variety of specialized tools, brackets and bushing.

Design of the main ring and distribution lines

The main ring is often the main skeleton of a network. This loop is located close to the main point of use, with drop legs connecting the main ring to your point of use, ensuring a minimal pressure drop. Using a main ring, the pressure drop is twice as low as when using a straight distribution line of the same length. In general, the main ring’s diameter is based on the capacity of all compressors connected to the network, and should take possible future extensions into account.

A distribution line is usually preferred to connect the main ring to a single point of use which is isolated in a remote location. The diameter of the distribution line should be based on the air demand at this specific point of use.

Cross ring lines are distribution lines which connect the opposite sections of the main ring to guarantee a minimal pressure drop in other locations than the main point of use.