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Detroit Air - Blowers


Blowers (2)

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Positive Displacement Blowers (21)

The basic unit consists of two figure eight shaped impellers mounted on parallel shafts. The impellers rotate in opposite directions within a cylindrical casing. As each impeller passes the inlet, it traps a definite volume of air/gas and caries it around the casing to the discharge where the gas is expelled. The cycle repeats four times with every revolution.

All Roots rotary positive blowers have close tolerances between the impellers and casing to minimize back-slippage of gas and to improve efficiency.

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Centrifugal Blowers (2)

Gardner Denver multistage centrifugal's are the prove standard for water and wastewater treatment applications requiring continuous, low-noise operation with minimal maintenance requirements. Primarily used for aerobic digestion, multistage centrifugal's can be throttled via an inlet butterfly valve making them an excellent choice for controlling dissolved oxygen (DO) in the wastewater. Gardner Denver exhausters can also be used in sludge digestion to exhaust the digester gases from the gas holder in channel aeration and in filter backwash applications for water treatment. Gardner Denver offers a wide range of blowers/exhausters, each having its own unique performance characteristics and design features to match your application requirements. Gardner Denver blowers/exhausters are available in complete engineered solutions packages featuring electric, turbine or VFD drives.

Download the Lamson and Hoffman Multistage Centrifugal Blowers/Exhausters brochure.

*Detroit Air Compressor is Gardner Denver's Representative for Waste Water Treatment for the State of Michigan.

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Blower Repair

We repair the following manufactures blowers and vacuum pumps  Roots, Lamson, Hoffman, M/D, Souterbilt,

(Blower Packages) We can design and build A blower or vacuum package to your requirements. (Sizing) We use the Roots selection program to make sure you get the most efficient blower for your application. (Engineering) We can assist in the proper equipment for your waste water treatment plant. Stoddard goes under accessories.

Blower Oil

After extensive life testing on rotary lobe blowers, Dreser ROOTS™  introduced a special blend, high-temperature, (polyalphaolefin based) synthetic lubricating oil for ROOTS™  Blowers and Vacuum Pumps in 1990.

Benefits include:

  • High Oxidation Stability - Contains oxidation-resistant additives that mean longer oil life and fewer oil changes. ROOTS™  synthetic lubricating oil excels in ASTM oxidation tests, also in the field, where it counts. Longer oil life means lower expenditure, and greater conservation.
  • Rapid Separation from Water - Promotes prolonged bearing life.
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection - Contains synthetic corrosion inhibitors.
  • Protects during operation and acts as a preservative during shut down.
  • Synthetic Solvency - Keeps equipment clean.
  • Ashless - Keeps equipment free from metallic ash deposits.
  • Compatible with Seals - Has excellent compatibility with seals.
  • Blower Protection - Protects blower through a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Pour Point from  -40°F/ -40°C. Flash Point at 500°F/ 260°C.
  • Range of Use - ROOTS™  synthetic lubricating oil can be used in any blower application or operating environment.
  • High Film Strength - ROOTS™  synthetic lubricating oil carries up to 700% greater loads than other mineral and synthetic oils.
  • Low Friction - Extremely low coefficient of friction proven to save energy over conventional oils.
  • Compatibility With Other Oils - ROOTS™  synthetic lubricating oil is compatible with, and can be mixed with, other mineral oils and most other synthetic oils  No special cleaning is required at change out for blowers previously running on mineral oil. NOTE: It is NOT compatible with silicone or glycol synthetics.
  • ISO Grade Availability - Available in ISO Grade 150, 220, or 320, and AGMA grade 4, 5, or 6.
  • Special Grade Availability - FOOD grade ROOTS™  synthetic lubricating oil is available upon request.
  • Container Sizes - Available in one-quart containers, 12-quart case, 5-gallon pail, or 55 gallon drum.

Today's ROOTS™  blowers and exhausters are designed and built with the same attention to detail that has firmly established the Dresser ROOTS reputation for reliability, quality and technical excellence over the past 150 years.

ROOTS™  synthetic lubricating oils are made with the same quality and technical excellence standards to meet the highest specifications required for maximum performance.