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Detroit Air - Packages


Detroit Air Compressor offers a range of products packages. Our blower packages are tailored to match components with a very attractive price.



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Blower Packages

  • Detroit Air Compressor builds custom blower packages from 5HP to 300HP, vacuum or pressure
  • Large inventory for quick delivery
  • We repair all brands of rotary air blowers
  • Custom Roots blower packages tailored to your needs
  • We work with engineers in need of specification assistance
  • Factory authorized Roots dealer and repair facility
  • Roots dealer since 1960

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Complete blower packaging with the following accessories:

  • Motors
  • V-belt drive
  • Slide base
  • Relief valves
  • Gauges
  • Inlet Filter
  • Inlet Silencer
  • Discharge Silencer
  • Check valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Flex connectors
  • Belt guards
  • Motor Starters
  • VFD speed control

Sample Applications

  • Aeration and agitation of liquids
  • Pressure boosting of air or natural gas
  • Abrasives – Pneumatic conveying, vacuum or pressure
  • Conveying by vacuum or pressure, or combination of both for materials such as: Sand, Feeds, Cement, Salts, Cereal, Fly-Ash, Gypsum, Flour, Grains, Sugar
  • Transfer of products from rail car, trucks, ships to vats, hoppers or bins
  • Dust collection
  • Air curtainsPlastics: Vacuum conveying, Drying
  • Septic Tanks: Vacuum clean out of tanks
  • Sewage: Aeration in activated sludge plants, Grit channel aeration


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ROOTS Factory Blower Package

ROOTS Factory Blower Package (0)

Download the Specification Sheet


  • Overall size is smaller than the EasyAir 8000 package and the side-to-side size accommodates more packages in a given area
  • The inlet filter is accessible through key lock panels for easy removal and ample access to equipment
  • Inlet room air routes from the front of the package and exhaust air routes to the rear of the package near the discharge connection
  • No electric fan hookup required as the fan is mounted on the blower shaft and driven mechanically resulting in longer life
  • Patented automatic belt tension system optimizes performance and extends belt life
  • Panel-mounted gauges (inlet filter differential, blower exhaust temperature and pressure) and external oil level view for easy monitoring
  • Up to 22dBA free field noise attenuation with enclosure
  • Integrated forklift access at front of package; Standard pipe size for available connections

Engineering Resources

Universal RAI® DSL blower: eax2_spec_uraidsl_s27503.pdf
RAM™ Whispair™ blower: eax2_spec_s19D97.pdf
RAM X™ blower: eax2_spec_s-ramx.pdf

Operating Principle

Incoming air is trapped by the pair of tri-lobe impellers. Simultaneously, pressurized air is being discharged (right). As the lower impeller passes the wrap-around flange, WHISPAIR™ jets equalize pressure between trapped air and the discharge area, aiding impeller movement and reducing power requirements. Impellers move air into the discharge area (right). Backflow is controlled, resulting in reduction of noise relative to conventional blowers.

Attachment: tri_lobe_princ_op.pdf

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