Preventative Maintenance Program

The Advantage

Detroit Air Compressor is very proud of its Preventative Maintenance Program.

The paradigm of measuring compressor service requirements based upon time only has been replaced by adding the elements that affect the air compressor’s operation and performance. This system developed by Detroit Air Compressor has saved many customers thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs.


  • Scheduled visits based upon site conditions
  • Oil samples taken at prescribed intervals
  • Compressor maintenance is performed per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Dedicated service technician staff
  • All service calls received and dispatched 24 hours a day/7 days per week

This method has REDUCED maintenance costs for many of our customers. Call today to learn about this energy saving economical service!

Be cautious of “all expenses paid” programs offered by some of our competitors! Our experience has shown that these programs are expensive and benefit the seller, not the buyer. Be aware of proprietary remote monitoring systems that allow ONLY the selling company access to the information. Some customers have been charged high access fees for this “service”, only to be told that they owe additional fees to have the service activated. The end result… the system was never initialized.

What benefit does the customer gain from a program that gets better as the cost rises? Basic, Better, Best. Detroit Air Compressor offers one program: BEST. Offering the finest in preventative maintenance and service. Without the smoke and mirrors of proprietary and computerized systems.

Our approach is HANDS ON!

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